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Oral health care depends on more than just brushing and flossing your teeth every day. Although these habits are extremely helpful for your oral hygiene and help keep your teeth safe from damage, physical trauma in the form of oral accidents and injuries is also a known risk factor that you should be prepared for. To do this, be sure to exercise caution with any risks that can lead to oral accidents and injuries.

To help protect your oral health while participating in high-risk activities and sports, considering wearing protective oral appliances, including mouthguards or face masks. If you fail to use the proper safety equipment, a single blow to your face can destroy your smile instantly. To be safe, just wear the necessary gear as needed. However, don’t use just any protective headgear; be sure to use products that are recommended by our dentist or have been clinically approved.

Whitening your teeth at home can also pose numerous health risks to your smile. This is why you should always speak with our dentist about product recommendations before trying to whiten your smile at home. Some over-the-counter teeth whitening products can end up bleaching your gums or damaging your tooth enamel, and talking to our dentist can help you avoid these.

If you want to help your smile achieve and maintain optimal oral health, be aware of oral products that can easily damage your smile. Mouth jewelry, such as lip rings and tongue rings, are a known oral health hazard, as they can lead to severe oral health ailments including damaged teeth and gums.

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