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Tooth decay is a common dental issue for children and adults, so it is important to learn how to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. To prevent tooth decay, our dental team encourages you to do the following things:

-Clean your smile: For the best smile results possible, it’s best to brush your teeth twice a day, floss your smile once a day, and rinse your mouth with mouthwash daily. As you brush, use a soft-bristled toothbrush. It doesn’t matter if it’s a manual or electric brush. As you rinse, use a beneficial mouthwash, like antibacterial mouthwash.

-Use fluoride: Fluoride is the best mineral for your smile. It nourishes and strengthens your teeth and gives them the ability to fight tooth decay. So, take advantage of our professional fluoride treatment when you come into our office. Also, if you are prone to tooth decay, you may want to use a fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash as you clean your smile.

-Visit your dentist: Visiting your dentist every six months for a dental cleaning and exam will help you prevent major dental problems, including tooth decay and gum disease. This is because our dental team will deeply and thoroughly clean your smile as well as examine your entire oral cavity.

As you brush, floss, rinse, use fluoride, and visit your dentist, cavities will be kept away and your smile will remain strong and healthy. Tooth decay is a serious dental problem that should be prevented at all costs. So, if you have a dental cavity that needs to be treated, please call 541-210-9661 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Meredith McClay as soon as possible.

Our team at Creekside Family Dental is here to help you in any way we possibly can, even if it’s just by answering your questions about tooth decay prevention in Medford, Oregon. So, call our office today and talk to a member of our caring dental team!