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Dental crowns, when placed on your teeth, are designed to restore those teeth for a long time; however, situations such as gum disease or a blow to the face can dislodge the dental crown. If your dental crown falls out, don’t panic; provide first aid until you can visit Creekside Family Dental.

First of all, don’t clean the crown or the abutment because this could damage the abutment and make the problem worse. Instead, if there is blood or debris in your mouth, rinse gently with salt water at a lukewarm temperature. Leave all other cleaning measures to our team of highly trained dental professionals.

If bacteria compromising the cement caused the crown to fall out, you will notice telltale signs that this was the cause. The abutment may stick out from your gum line, while the crown is fully hollow. In this case, Dr. Meredith McClay will determine if the crown can be cleaned and then it and the abutment re-cemented into place.

An abutment broken off at the gums or otherwise damaged should be able to be seen inside the crown. If this happens, root canal therapy may be necessary to restore the tooth structure enough to secure the dental crown.

If you have more questions about how to react to losing a dental crown in Medford, Oregon, please call 541-210-9661 to speak with our dentist and team. We encourage you to contact us immediately if you are in need to dental assistance so that we can restore your smile.