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Chronic problems with dental stains can prove to be socially embarrassing. At the same time they can also prove exceedingly frustrating to eliminate with the tooth whitening products sold in stores.

Dr. Meredith McClay can safely remove difficult dental stains from your teeth by administering a dental bleaching treatment. However, the dental stains can recur if you don’t make the necessary life style changes to prevent them.

In a situation like this Dr. Meredith McClay might recommend cosmetically restoring your smile with dental veneers. This will replace the face of each tooth with a thin shell created from a special dental grade porcelain.

If a tooth has an existing dental filling, a recent dental fracture, or area of dental attrition, Dr. Meredith McClay might recommend replacing its enamel layer with a porcelain dental crown. This treatment method will completely replace the exterior of the tooth with the same type of dental porcelain used for your dental veneers.

Dr. Meredith McClay will prepare abutments for any teeth that require a dental crown before creating an impression of each tooth intended for cosmetic restoration.

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