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Are you considering getting, or have you recently gotten, braces? Getting braces can alter how you care for your smile. You will still need to brush and floss your teeth, perhaps even more so than ever, but you may have to do them in a slightly different manner. We would like to help you figure out how to brush your braces and teeth so that you can maintain your dental health.

The brackets on braces create areas where food can get stuck, which could lead to tooth decay or gum disease. When brushing, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush that has thin bristles to help clean along the brackets and wires. You should also know that toothbrushes may need to be replaced more frequently when you have braces as they can wear out faster.

If you have any elastics, you may need to remove them before brushing. You can use a 45 degree angle and a back and forth motion where your gums meet. Make sure that you brush the top, front, and bottom of the brackets and to clean the wire, using enough pressure that the bristles can push gently against the bracket. Once all of your teeth have been brushed, you can rinse your mouth, check for any remaining food particles before replacing your elastics.

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