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We know this may sound strange at first, but brushing your tongue is just as important if you want to avoid bad breath. Brushing your tongue will further rid you of the things that cause bad breath.

Both your teeth and your tongue have tiny places where food and bacteria can get stuck. As such, both the bacteria and the food can work to stink up your breath. Brushing your teeth and your tongue can resolve this problem.

You can use a toothbrush if you have nothing else, but it is not always the best tool. It can reach into many of the fissures in your teeth, but the fissures on the tongue are too small for it. Instead, you can try a tongue scraper or a tongue brush, because they are made to reach into those tiny places.

Before you begin, you should clean off the the tool you plan to use to make sure no leftover food or bacteria is on it. You want to make sure you have toothpaste if you are using a tongue brush.

You should start at the back of your tongue, though be careful not to gag yourself. You then brush or scrape up towards the tip of your tongue. Remember to be gentle, as your tongue is not as tough as your teeth. Keep doing this until you have brushed the entire top of your tongue and the sides too.

Once you are done, rinse off the brush or scraper to get rid of the food and bacteria you just cleaned off. Also, be sure to rinse out your mouth when you are done to catch anything left behind.

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